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Come check out are Pokemon Facebook page 馃榾
Hello all my fellow Pokemon trainers out there we have created a new great place to talk about anything Pokemon and will be doing giveaways and all sorts of things so come on by and check us out. ~鈥Admin Mew~鈥 Ps if you do join the group place a comment on the fb page "I choose you" with your fc I'll send you a shiny genesect 馃榾馃槃馃憤 https://www.facebook.com/groups/557756377722863/
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there is a Pokemon community here that's basically all the same idea! gathering to talk about love for the franchise. I'm sure you'd really dig it
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I haven't been able to find it pretty knew here
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just search pokemon and the community will pop up! XD
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And I don't see why I got reported I'm still helping out this page I see people posting links all the time
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