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Sometimes we think that the caloric-value is the only thing we need to pay attention when it comes to our overall health goals. However, it's much more complicated than that. And that's why we have people like dietitians and nutritionist who go to school for years to study how food effects our own bodies, or bodies in general.
When it comes to reaching our fitness and health goals, we should think more than just the our caloric intake. There's macros we need to consider like carbohydrates, ,protein, and fats -- which all do different things to our bodies. And on a micro level, we need to pay attention to nutrients, especially if we're tackling deficiencies.
For example, I am anemic. No matter how many calories I consume, it cannot correct my nutrient deficiency. It needs to be corrected either by a food product with a wealth of iron, or from iron supplements. Some pairing foods can do different things to our bodies, than if we at them separately. Understanding the relationship between body and food because all of our bodies do different things. Timing matters. Activity levels matter. Genetics matters. Deficiencies matter.
The internet can tell us a lot about how human bodies interact with food. However, it can't tell us EVERYTHING about what WE need on an individualistic level. That's why it's important to experiment, go to a doctor, and visit a dietitian. Figure out what works for you, your goals, and your needs.