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Mystery Imagine

I want to do something like a challenge. I will do short scenarios based off of a group (Music videos, song names, lyrics, etc) without actually mentioning who. The first person that guesses the person and where the scene is based off of, gets to have the rest written and dedicated to how they would like the ending. For example; if they would like a sad continuation, where the girl/guy dies then that's how it will go. If they want the guy and girl to get together, then that's how it's going to process. Edit; There can be up to two people that could get the scenario going. So there's going to be two endings. However, if it's the same requested ending as the other, I will allow a third person. Remember, you have to guess the member and the scene that it's based off of. If you would like a continuation; then let me know! (Note* they might take a while, for I have other stories to write.) (I'm not good at explaining things, I'm sorry.) Anyways, here's the first scene! One more thing, please tag people. I want to work on my taglists since no one comments on my cards anymore. ;-; Ending #1 ~ ~ ~ When one is in love with another, It's both beautiful yet saddening. One sees that person as their everything, while another sees that person as just a friend. Is that what he wants? Is this what she wants? Both in their own little worlds, thinking about their lives. One thinks of the other, day in, night out. Do I ever cross their mind at least once? They ask themselves questions that can't be answered as they go unheard. They say that one is bound to chase their dream, but how can they, if they only dream of that person that keeps running away? That keeps slipping through their openly tender fingers. They curse, and yell at the moon asking if they're even good enough for that person. He's in love with her, but to her, he's just another guy to bend and break with her obliviousness. Why? She couldn't love. She was taught, that love is Like some sort of poison that ruins ones insides' starting from the heart. Like a puppet on a string, she would dance around his heart as if it was anything but fragile. Was she in danger? He couldn't keep his control around her, for she was the reason he smiled, cried, laughed, etc. She meant the world to him, but he was just another star in the sky. All he wanted was to hold her tight, even if it was just one day. He couldn't move on even if he tried. Her smile would come to mind every time he thought he was getting over her, but no. He just realized that he loved Her more. Why is this hard? He would think, The girl is always chasing the boy… but why am I chasing someone I can't have? After all, I'm just another rain drop to the pavement in a world that only rains. He kicked a can and kept walking down the lonely streets, where only cars would pass once in a while. He looked straight ahead, but he wasn't focusing on anything. The dullness in his eyes, making him look like a walking dead corpse, stumbling slowly as she shitfted his weight from foot to foot. He felt a bump on the side of right shoulder, but he didn't budge. It wasn't until he was yanked backwards and landed against the cold, hard wall did he finally notice about 4 men. He glared at them, but made no attempt of moving. “You should watch where you're going, kid.” The tallest said as he took a step forward. He smirked, which enraged the guys. It happened too quickly, one moment, he was doing his signature emotionless smirk, the next he was on the cold hard ground as The men walked away When they didn't get a response. His eyelids drooped, but he didn't want to close them just yet. He couldn't evade them from closing, but he couldn't help but catch a glimpse of something red going towards him.
😂😂 I ended up guessing too late.
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