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So I am going to start this week off with my favorite leader ( Still a major inspirit!) Kim Sunggyu ♡♡
I honestly love how much they tease him it shows how close they are as a group. They love to have fun, but when it really counts they know they can depend on each other for anything. Also they know Sunggyu will be there to help guide them they really respect him and go to him for everything even if it's only small advice.
Voted as best leader on Pops in Seoul ♡♡♡♡♡ ( I voted for him of course) Now I love all the leaders mentioned in this video, but as I said before Sunggyu is my favorite leader.
Infinite has on many occasions talked about their respect for their leader, but I couldn't find the video >.< anyway I hope you enjoyed the first day of leader week!
I too am sungkyu biased! Best grandfather leader yet!
SUNGGYU! I love that he's a grandpa :D