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I've always wished that I could play games with friends even if they had different systems. And it seems like the people over at Psyonix (those who made Rocket League) have also wished the same thing. They recently announced that Rocket League will be the first "cross-network" game.
It's kind of awesome that they're putting in the work to make something like this possible. I'm not too sure of any other games that tried this cross-network gameplay stuff but I hope it's a trend that ends up spreading. I'd love to play with some of my friends who picked up an Xbox One instead of a PS4.
But I doubt something like that would actually end up happening since they're two competing companies. It makes sense to me for PC and Xbox compatibility but if this extends to the PS4, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
Are there any other games you guys would like to see with cross-network play?
On one hand I love that they can have cross network play but on the other hand PC gamers intimidate me with their rocket league skills so...
It's awesome that they are working on this. It would be even more awesome if they included PS4. But I guess it really doesn't affect me, since I don't play games that have online multiplayer. Still a really cool feature.
Fable Legends was going to be the first cross-platform game until they axed it
I love it when the PC master race has the chance to put down the console crowd