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My dear readers I would like to inform you about upcoming fanfictions!!!!
This story is called Wait For Me as you can see. The story enters the world of Rap Monster and his girlfriend (reader). Rap Mon who has been away for a long time finally returns after 10 years of separation from his long lost best friend, you!. Only to be heartbroken to know that his best friend can't recognize him and keeps pushing him away thinking that he's a crazy stranger. Before he left Seoul, he told you to wait for him and to remember him, but that was back when you guys were in the first year of high school, this have changed A LOT.
The next story is based around Jikook. The story bases around Jimin mostly. Their friendship had kept them closer and closer and closer, now they don't precisely want to ruin that so both try hard to keep their feelings in a crypt. Jungkook, who struggles to keep his feelings a secret, had changed around Jimin, thus leading him to spend A LOT of time with Taehyun. Taehyun had feelings for Jungkook but that was before he realized what Jungkook was doing: using him as a distraction from who he really loves. Jungkook who is sooner developing feelings for Tae, has now two choices to make: either spend the rest of his days with a funny and crazy guy, or spend them with a much more calm and "mature" guy.
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@UnnieCakesAli YES! ^_^ I'm ready *look at rap monster then jikookie* I'M NOT READY!
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@twistedPuppy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Whoo, bring it on!!!
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Tag me in them please
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