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Okay... no one is talking about this chapter.... WHY?!?! This chapter is my favorite chapter of FT now. I mean come on.... SO MUCH NALU!!!!!! And a longer chapter than usual. And a color cover page of Natsu! Natsu has a new scar on his face. Haha scar. On face... red eyes... Okay... So excited for next week's chapter. link to new chapter :
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ikr @juniorlizamaa he just needed that bueaty sleep
2 years ago·Reply
the real question though is where the heck is gildarts
2 years ago·Reply
I guess being pressed against Lucy's thy did the trick lol And yess!!! Gildarts needs to make an appearance once again
2 years ago·Reply
they really need Gildarts to show up again. seriously he's like one of the best wizards for the town. damn him for leaving everything to Natsu and the guild xD.
2 years ago·Reply
@JosephCuthbert I hope he shows up protecting Cana or something
2 years ago·Reply