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We're laughing out loud in here!

The caption contest this week is AMAZING! All the entries are hilarious. In case you missed them, here they are:
There's still time to submit your own entry! Check out the contest ---> HERE

Very scandalous Marvelers!!!

I for one am very impressed with the entries this week. Don't forget to check them out and comment on your favorites! Whoever has the most comments by tomorrow will be our winner, and they'll choose the character we'll caption next!

GOOD LUCK! And keep it weird ;)

Here's an update on the caption contest everyone! There's still time to create a card!!! @Riddlesqueen0 @wendycraftq @MajahnNelson @TiffanyPerez @DavidPap @VictoriaKessel @Silver925 @JonPatrickHyde @TyTruth @Silver925 @nenegrint14 @GrowingArt @TiffanyWallace @CreeTheOtaku @Lushisushi @LenaBlackRose @nberry1620 @BlackoutZJ @sarahpjane @Danse @buddyesd @amobigbang @SilverFangZ @tbanj97 @PGLIFE @ChrisSantiago @CalebOrr @Jelloston @Ssj4Otakudude @humairaa @VoidX @Thatperson512 @dominika @Lizzeh @Lescobedo @matildajgarrett @MyAffairWith @BelleofRay @mellyortiz @DaiGakuSei @Jurgita @RositaGamboa @tbell2 @EasternShell @BecasFlowers @Chocomayne @otakukpopgirl @AshCrimson @DustinAtkinson @Marichel @SarahRegulski @YoSoySoysauce @jibarito @cardboardart @LadyLuna @ShinigamiSan @peahyr @lovelywhite13 @ZoilaObregon @SparkRIDE @SamTheMallow @DarthRevan @culversyanne @BeannachtOraibh @AkashBhojraj @LAVONYORK @loftonc16 @DavidPap @HaleValkyrie @arnelli @ComicGeek94 @wolpht @SparkRIDE @shelbiisonfire @MichaelOgg @AllieGrabowski @djdoubl3up @AleciaReedy @chuyslim @sammsosa @TonyjJohnson771 @LAVONYORK @Matthewripster @EmilianoMacias @ColeKat13 @InPlainSight @kneelb4zod @RyanOgg @anonymousbean @BrunoDutch @RaulGamboa @PrinceCampbell @NickDiaz @ladytanbone @ShonA @kuzuri96 @Naika8888 @MichaelHamdan @ChrisSantiago @ThePervySage @Ticasensei @RaquelArredondo @JayZK @RaulGamboa @redapple615 @hhead232 @MaighdlinS @littlemaryk @Melodicballoon @JimTurpen @BlackDragon88 @MishiiYukiko @Sara3 @CloeySuess @TambryInskeep @animechild51 @otakukpopgirl @OtakuDemon10 @AcaciaNguyen @MalcolmAllen @UNITZ @KaisPrincess and of course don't forget to comment on your favorites ^_^
you didn't add mine lol
@SamTheMallow omg I'm so sorry! How did I miss yours twice! T_T
I found it! @SamTheMallow I figured it out, I don't think it's shared to the Marvel community, and I think that's what I was using to double-check T_T my apologies!
awww it's ok! no worries!