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Hello everyone how is your day going?? This is my first real card since I've been back to the app and with it comes a new series/collection I'm starting called Gotta See Anime.
Some of the most recent animes I've been watching have just been so good it really surprises me so I feel the need to start sharing them with all of you.
So the first anime I'm going to be showcasing is the Monogatari series. There is a lot of sequels and prequels and sidequels to this that can make it difficult to figure out what your supposed to watch but trust me it's worth it in the end.
This anime is almost 100% driven by character interactions which to me at first sounds impossible,, at least impossible to be done well. But this series has proved me wrong. It's been a long time since I've been invested a series like this and am glad I came across this. I've written a bit of a review on it in the past which I will link here: Although I feel I was a bit harsh on it back then,, having since re-watched it my new score for it is 10/10. Incredible characters and engaging plot/story arcs.


Now I'm going to list the order I believe it should be watched in,, this is the order I watched and still haven't finished everything there's still one season I haven't seen yet I believe. Anyways the order is: 1. Bakemonogatari 2. Nisemonogatari 3. Monogatari second season 4. Hanamonogatari 5. Tsukimonogatari 6. Owarimonogatari There's also what I believe is a prequel called Nekomonogatari Black which I have not watched, although to my understanding it does not matter when you watch this.
Thanks for reading my card everyone and remember to have a nice day! Ja ne
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looks like an awsome series I've been looking for a good series to watch