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Wigs have taken off over the past few years [no pun intended]. Nowadays you wont know if a woman is rocking a week, a wig or even her own hair because they look so legit. While a lot of women steer clear of wigs because they look they appear too fake looking, it's time to put that stereotype to rest.
Wigs have taken over the hair industry, especially lace fronts. The great thing about wigs are that they happen to be extremely versatile and all it takes it throwing it on. You can take it off whenever and you don't have to feel confined to one look. You can be Nicki Minaj one day and Beyonce the next if you wanted to. Don't knock it until you try it, but in the meantime keep scrolling to see the proper way to put on a wig and rock it with style and grace.

Have you ever rocked a wig?

Would you ever rock one?
Yes!!! Clip ins are great options as well!!! But yes I love a good wig. You should def invest sometime @LAVONYORK
I have not tried a wig but I know just recently instead of actually coloring some of my blue, My friend told me it's better for me to get blue pieces instead of full commitment. I must say, I love it! I have color I don't have to keep.
Lol well you're better than me, I change my hair every week! hahaha, it's become a way of life for me. it's good that he knows what's up @alywoah
I rock wigs all the time. I told my boyfriend this the other day, "you're a lucky man. You're with a new b*tch every month" ...... (because I change my hair every month hhaahahaa)