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I want to thank @humairaa, @1FallenAngel, and @Annamolly for tagging me to do this challenge. It was alot of fun! WHY I'M WEIRD #1 I'M CRAZY ADDICTED TO POP TARTS! I eat these triangle shaped pastries from heaven every day. I only obsess over Brown Sugar and Cherry flavors and think most of the new flavors should be banned (ESP peanut butter and jelly )  I'm even particular on how they are made. A very high setting so not to get burned but really done and then I leave them out on counter or in toaster for hours.  Why? Don't know but that's my Pop Tart Way!!
WHY I'M WEIRD #2 RANDOM OBNOXIOUSNESS! I Break out in random obnoxious weirdness in the car with my daughter and a couple of her close friends if they are with. Usually starting out with "Hey Do you guys want to hear the most annoying noise in the world?“ (from movie Dumb & Dumber). Cuz I know they don't expect an adult to do this I scream at the top of my lungs! I love the shock it causes. Then proceed to make up songs to the rhythm of other songs which I've done with my daughter since she was 2 on car rides.
WHY I'M WEIRD #3 I'M THE WILDLIFE RESCUER Whenever anyone comes across some wild bunny or squirrel or bird in distress they tend to call me or are told to call me. I'm so passionate about all creatures and will go to great lengths to help those in need. I have all local wildlife rescues on speed dial. I consider it a great honor that I've had the privledge to rescue a total of 9 squirrels, 1 baby bunny, baby racoon, 3 chipmunks, a woodpecker, a baby red fox, and a brown bat.
WHY I'M WEIRD #4 I ALWAYS HAVE JELLY BEANS OR CANDY! I love jelly beans and usually always have a stash close or some other type of hard candy. Everyone who knows me knows this so they come find me if they need a sweet. Everyone thinks I eat tons of candy when I actually don't its just more of a weird comfort thing when I'm out cuz of my anxiety knowing I have it.  No rhyme or reason on this one
WHY I'M WEIRD #5 I HATE THE SOUND OF RUBBING CARPET!!! Whether its just your hand or esp a towel cleaning up a spot. It makes me gag and I have to plug my ears or leave the room. When I have been forced to do it myself its not pretty and usually earplugs and a blind are involved. For some crazy reason I always imagine it's like eating old paperback book pages. I wouldn't know but this was weird things about me so I'm going for broke on this one! I'm tagging everyone who's done this just in case they are interested and a few asked to be tagged: @danidee @Chrisingularis, @nicolejb, @annamolly, @shannonl5, @JamiMilsap, @humairaa, @kawaiiporpoise, @Danse, @YumiMiyazaki I LOVED EVERY ONE OF YOUR CARDS!!! YOUR TURN: I'm going beyond the 5 to tag to do this next just cuz I couldn't pick just 5. So my apologies if you've done this I must have missed it when I looked for everyone's. I'd love the rest to join the WEIRDNESS crew. PLEASE TAG ME IF YOU DO!!!: @buddyesd, @atmi, @EasternShell, @jordanhamilton, @TessStevens, @JimTurpen, @MrSmith, @MaekeyMae, @TurtleyTurtles, @marshalledgar, @carmaa10, @KhrystinaLee, @MichaelOgg, @animaniafreak, @ShinigamiSan, @LadyLuna, @ButterflyBlu, @CreeTheOtaku Can't wait to see them
@marshalledgar not sure why but hand rubbing esp burbour type carpet or cloth rubbing makes ne want to scream and gag. @buddyesd may be onto something with that!!! Thanks!!! @kawaiiporpoise ROFL Yes they are!! I have no idea why I wrote triangle cuz I was thinking rectangle at the time! Good call thanks @jordanhamilton you mean doing the most annoying noise? cuz that is alot of fun esp with kids that think moms or adults aren't capable of screaming! Let me know when u do Hahaha! @Danse thanks I really enjoyed your weirdness and just to let you know I hate eating in public as well and usually I only eat at night. for different reasons but the anxiety about guaranteed comments/question if I go out I get! it sucks! @jlee37 awww thank you!!! @CreeTheOtaku oh man I'm sorry I tried making sure I looked into everyone that did ill have to go find yours for sure! @annamolly I've noticed we have alot in common and now this makes it all even better. I forgot until you said it that I also rescued a snapping turtle that got in middle of a 55mph road (Looked like a big rock in road) He came from the river below. He was AWESOME!!! I love that your a fellow wildlife/any life lover!!! @nicolejb From my painful childhood where trust was hard to earn I gravitated towards animals. cuz they never hurt you they simply love you unconditionally and are devoted to the end without question. “AND THEY'RE SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE!“(Despicable Me) @YumiMiyazaki I love that you do that!! I tend to have a black thumb and kill plants but they are living things and studies have found that people that talk to their plants everyday have healthier longer lasting plants! THANKS ALL FOR BRIGHTENING MY DAY
Oh that's so great you've rescued animals! I myself rescue houseplants that have been thrown away. They're still alive in those dumpsters and I can't bear to see them in there all cold and lonely.
@YumiMiyazaki Yes! People don't care that plants can feel too! 😢
Awesome card! You sound like a fun mom! 😁
Omg this is awesome!! I didn't know you were a wildlife rescuer!! I bet that's super interesting :D It also makes so much sense why you love animals too. hahaha
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