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I've been pensive lately. I think about every little thing all the effing time. I think about existence. I contemplate the after life. I contemplate the fate of myself and my family and everyone who has gone before me.
I'm sick of it. I've stopped living because I'm so concerned about something I can't control. And I"m done. If you've ever been in this anxiety riddled head space you'll know that it ain't no happy place to be. That's why I'm writing this. Because we have to, at some point let go and say "fuck it." Something that my old acting teacher used to say when I'd get up in my head during a scene.

1. You can't control every second of your life.

When things happen, you have a choice: to hang there and live in a constant state of fear or we can just roll with it. It takes time to be able to roll, so don't beat yourself up. Last week I spent every second in my head. Now, today. I'm better. See?

2. Tons of worse things are happening to better people all over the world.

If you watch the news on any given day, you'll see that you're probably in a much better place than you thought you were. And that's not an understatement.

3. Letting go can be completely freeing.

There's something to be said for those people who truly don't give a fuck. My sister is one of them. Throwing you hands up and letting go can be the best thing that ever happens to you.

4. Having faith in yourself is half the battle.

Part of saying "fuck it" is having faith that everything happens for a reason, even the things you can't control.

5. Once you realize that comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere, you will truly be free.

This is the best thing I ever learned, and still every day I catch myself doing the comparison thing. You just have to remind yourself to say "fuck it" and throw caution to the wind. Remember that each day is a new opportunity to do something amazing. Trust yourself. Trust yourself enough to say "fuck it".
"Its only when you've lost everything that you're free to do anything."
The very thing I've been striving to do lately. I needed this card in my life. ♡