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We all remember One Tree Hill, arguably the best teen drama ever to hit TV. But it wasn't the constant drama and the overall attractiveness of literally everyone on that show that made One Tree Hill such a hit. It was the one liners that always hit home. Prepare yourself for these quotes, some of which have forever effected the way I grew out of those teen years and into adulthood. One Tree Hill just knew exactly what I needed to here even all these years later.
Brooke seriously was the best character and she was always labeled as dumb or slutty simply because she was a cheerleader, beautiful, and liked to have fun. Labels are hard but it's how you handle the negativity that truly makes you as a person.
Friendships can be difficult when the conversation isn't full of laughter and agreements. But real friends are there for you even when things get ugly. And those friends are worth the discomfort.
It's always nice to remember that one has their shit together, some people are just better at hiding the fact that they are just as lost and confused as you are.
I love this quote because it's reminding us to ignore all those ransoms that are just trying to bring you down. They don't know you so their opinions aren't even worth your time.
The easy answer is usually no. If you are looking for excuses you will always find them. Don't be that person who sits on the sidelines because you get caught up in the "what ifs".
Yes it was a high school show, but they seriously taught me about love. And love is always giving someone another chance even when they don't deserve it.
Brooke is my queen. Be who you are and be proud of yourself. There is literally no one else in the world like you.
man I love one tree hill. I have all the the seasons on DVD but peyton was my all time favorite.
Best Show Of All Time
Ugh I loved Peyton. This show was EVERYTHING
Truly nostalgia! It was my favorite show during high school!