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Since there wasn't any smut in the last chapter I tried to make this one as good as possible to make up for it. Hope you like it. I do not own this video. credit to owner.
We haven't decided on a date yet, Junior said. Then why did you mention it? Jackson asked. Because it will happen eventually, Junior said. Hopefully it's before any of them walk in on you two, Mark said. 2 weeks later and they still haven't told the rest of the group. Junior is in the kitchen getting something to drink and JB walks up behind him. Looks like we have the place to ourselves again, JB whispered in Junior's ear. Junior turns around to face JB as he takes a drink out of his cup. Looks like it, Junior said back with a grin. You're evil Park Jinyoung, JB said before grabbing Junior and pulling him into a kiss almost spilling Junior's drink. Junior put his cup down and wrapped his arms around JB. JB started to suck and bite on Junior's neck causing Junior to make quiet moans. JB took Junior's shirt off and started kissing Juniors collarbone and then his chest. As JB continued Junior started to pull JB's shirt off. JB pulled Junior's hips towards his making them grind against each other which caused Junior to moan louder than expected. Junior took his hand and placed it in front of JB's pants groping his member causing JB to groan. It was harder than Junior expected. Junior began unbuttoning JB's pants. JB and Junior switched spots as Junior continued to take JB's pants off and then his boxers. Junior knelt down and started to suck on JB's member taking more in each time. JB had to grab onto the counter because it felt so good. As Junior continued JB could feel his climax coming causing him to moan as he pulled on Junior's hair. JB released in Junior's mouth, he didn't want to get it everywhere so he couldn't help but to swallow it. JB looked at Junior and brought him into a deep kiss. Pulling away so they could breath JB started to speak. It's your turn now, JB said as they switched spots again. JB took Junior's pants and boxers off. JB kissed him one more time before he turned Junior around and bent him over the counter. JB leaned in and started to kiss Junior down his spine. As JB got closer to Junior's lower back he decided to enter Junior with one big thrust. Junior wasn't expecting it so it hurt a little but at the same time it felt amazing. Junior tried to hold onto something but there wasn't anything. He wanted a lot more so he reach his arm back and grab onto JB trying to pull him closer as if it were possible. JB grabbed on to Junior's hips and started to thrust harder making Junior moan even louder than before. Junior tried to keep his hold on JB but he couldn't. JB was making him feel so weak from all the pleasure that he could barely stand. Junior would have fallen to the floor already if it wasn't for JB holding onto him. JB kept thrusting into Junior like his life depended on it. Each thrust was harder than the last. JB was being so aggressive with his thrusts but Junior didn't mind it at all, he actually liked JB this way. As JB reached his climax Junior moaned so loud he was surprised none of the neighbors came over to see if anything was wrong. JB started to kiss the back of Junior's neck causing him to make even more moans. JB pulled out and Junior fell to the floor exhausted from what he just went through. Sorry if I was to rough, JB said sitting next to Junior. To be honest, that was 100 times better than what we've done so far, Junior said in between breaths. So what you're saying is I should do that more often? JB asked. All the time, Junior said. Junior tried to stand back up but his legs wouldn't allow him so JB picked him up in his arms and carried him to his bed. JB laid next to Junior and wrapped his arm around him and Junior passed out in no time from all the exhaustion. JB looked at Junior sleeping and kissed him on the head and fell asleep with his arm still wrapped around Junior.
Nice chapter ... I like
Well god damn!