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This is a card to celebrate some of the most wonderful singers of the Kpop world for this week's Singer Week (I'm a little late though cx)!!!! Please enjoy ^-^

Baekhyun from EXO

Let's give it up for the silly, adorable Baekhyun!!!! He's one of the main singers of EXO and he's amazing!! He might be childish all the time but when it comes to singing, he will never disappoint!!!!

Chen from EXO

Now for the other lead singer of EXO, Chen!! He's adorable as hell, but is actually secretly sexy!!!! But what about his voice? Oh my god, his voice!! His voice is beautifulamazingwondefulbrilliant!!!!

Xiumin from EXO

Xiumin from EXO is adorable and at times looks like the wonderful G-Dragon!! But can his voice compare to the kpop King???? Well either way, it's wondeful!! It's so soothing and just wonderful sounding!!!!

Jin from BTS

And now for our Mama Jin from BTS!! He might not sing that much, but when he does it sounds so beautiful!!!! It's not too high or too low, it's just right!!!!

Jungkook from BTS

Now for the Golden Maknae that we all know an love, Jungkook!! There's a reason why he's known as the Golden Maknae and one of those reasons is his voice!! His voice is literally gold!!!! It's so beautiful and I could listen to it all the time, he even sings songs in English brilliantly!!!!

Seungri from Big Bang

Seungri the Panda of Big Bang!!!! He adorable as well as sexy! He's the Maknae of the group, but without his voice the group would fall apart!! His voice is equally as sexy and adorable just like his personality!!!!

Jeongmin from Boyfriend

Jeongmin looks like he should be the rapper or bad boy of Boyfriend, but his voice says it all!!!! He's definitely one of the main singers of Boyfriend because his voice is so angelic!!!! Nothing like his bad look!

Hyunseong from Boyfriend

Hyunseong is the manliest looking one of the Boyfriend group and if you're looking for a manly, soothing, attractive voice!!!! Well, he has it and more!!!! He's definitely someone whose voice should be heard all day long!!!!

Youngjae from B.A.P

Now for Youngjae from B.A.P!!!! His voice matches his baby face, but it holds so much power when he sings!!!! It's beautiful and powerful? Yes, so go listen to his voice all the time!!!!

Daehyun from B.A.P

Oh my god, Daehyun!!!! His voice is just so beautiful!!!! I just can't....His voice stands out so much in their songs that you just have to pay attention to it!! He definitely deserves to be one of the main singers of B.A.P with a voice like that!!!!
And to all the other singers of the Kpop world!!!! Thank you for your majestic high notes, deep soothing voices, and just beautiful songs that you create with your voices!!!! We love you all so much!! I hope that I'll be able to sing like you guys one day :3