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Do you also want to learn this phrase in Korean? Check out the card HERE!
Follow the collection to learn Japanese phrases along with anime characters! ^_^
If you'd like any other phrases translated, leave the phrase in the comments below! :)
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@BlackoutZJ Will def do it when I get a chance! :)
@poojas Sweet I think you'll enjoy it
this is great! i studied japanese when i was young (9 or 10) before the huge spike in anime popularity.. i wound up giving it up after friends and family bullied me about my "strange hobby". excited about this feed and picking japanese back up!
mind confirming if this phrase is different for female speaker (gender specific)? I'm scarred from years of Russian language study.. hehe.
@djcatnap Glad to hear you're picking it back up! And definitely not a strange hobby! I love learning languages and it's an amazing feeling to understand other languages. And nope, not gender specific! :)