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Her tears were clear as crystal and she hoped no one had heard her souly cry. She sat on the back side of a door, listening carefully as the only person she has grown to love... spoke about another girl who, supposidly, was the perfect girl for him. She sat with her head pushed back against the door letting her long brown hair touch the floor. Her tears were still flowing as she listened intensely with keen patience to all the words being said. For the other side of the room, Mark was speaking to himself and no one else; he just layed down on his bed with his hands interwined with each other on his chest thinking if maybe, just maybe, she would have the courage to accept him. His only thoughts were of how beautiful she looked with the dress she wore a few days ago while silently waiting for the bus to take them by separate ways. He thought of how her hair would flow in synch with the strong wind and how her body would stay firm and straight as if nothing was bothering her and she was just in her own world not noticing his eyeful stare. That was of course until she looked back at him and broke the silence, telling him that inviting her for breakfast was a very nice gesture from him. (A/N) kept breathing and soon she felt pushed back into a bright, very bright room under the scared manly face staring down at you from the door handle. Mark got on his knees picking you up with fear that you had hurt your head. When he noticed the obvious tear marks on your face he didn't stop to whipe the flowing ones off your soft cheeks and continuesly asking all kinds of questions. "(A/N)! what happened?, why are you crying? did someone hurt you? did you hurt your head when I opened the door? why were you sitting outside my room? how did you get inside the apartment?" "Calm down... oppa, your door was opened and I let myself in that's all" "That still doesn't answer the rest of my questions, why are you crying?" "I.. um" "(A/N) tell me!" "I was gonna knock on your door but then I heard you speaking about this girl and that she was perfect and had an amazing personality and that you thought she wouldn't feel the same about you and-" "Stop crying, who did you think I was talking about?" "I don't know, but she seems to be the girl of your dreams..... it's ok.... I'll make sure not to interfear with the two of you." You get up, bow and in motion to leave but your hands were cought by his firm and long hands. He moved closer to you and looks at you with intense eyes. His hands move from YOUR hands, to your hips and he takes it as an opportunity to get closer. He places his forehead on yours, you're still not sure of what he's trying to do but you didn't stop him. He hesitantly tries to move away from you but didn't. Instead, he lat out a sigh of warmth and rhythm that made your lips tickle. He took one look at your lips and kissed them right on with force and that moan he was trying so hard to keep in left his soul with a calming relief. His lips tasted like Cherry ice cream, not a flavor you liked very much but he made it taste delicious. You move your arms from his chest and up to his neck as he placed them both on it. The Cherry flavor, now passed on to YOUR lips, was letting you know that he was waiting to do that for a very long time. "You know, the girl I was talking about was you. It was you who always looked perfect no matter what type of clothing you wore and it was you who I said was the girl of my dreams.. so... please don't think that I won't stop until you're mine." "Why didn't you tell me you felt this way?" "If I would' ve know you were on the back side of the door I would have told you there and ready. But, don't cry thinking that I was in love with someone else... I don't want you thinking that because I flirt with you a lot is because I like to play around with your emotions, it's not true, I don't want to make you feel hurt and unwanted." "Mark, just shut up and finish what you started" "What did I start?...... ohhh"
The ending is soooooo cute!
so cute and the last line is just perfect on who markipooh is! xD
yeeeiih!!...I will read now after the famgirling..♡♡♡ aaaw that was sooo cute..loved it..