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The character of the Asianovela superstar Lee Min Ho in his latest TV series "City Hunter" is truly deadly! Deadly not only because he is killing people in the story. But deadly in a way that you will be killed by his ultimate hotness and yumminess! On the first chapters of the said Koreanovela, Lee Min Ho made an oozing remarkable appearance! He showed his sexy hot body in his shower scene!But his hotness and yumminess can definitely kill not only his enemies in the story! Rather, all his avid viewers! Ooh-lala...!!! 생일축하합니다.Saeng il chu ka ham ni da..{ happy birthday }
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OH MY GOD! oppa :*
6 years ago·Reply
u're the best^^
6 years ago·Reply
What amoooooooo is that it is a amorrr
6 years ago·Reply
the background looks like personal taste tho....
6 years ago·Reply
make me crazy..
6 years ago·Reply