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Regardless Pt.4 You could’t believe yourself. You were the worst person on earth. You opened your eyes as you contemplated the view nest to you. Your boss Min Yoongi was curled up next to you, his tired face still showed his heat from last night and still you could’t believe that you enjoyed it. No, you didn’t accept it, not now, not never. You gather your things and left the hotel right away without making any sound. ______ It was painful to walk, and you knew you deserved it, these and worst. You hated yourself, before it didn’t felt like you were betraying Jimin as Yoongi was touching you without permission, but now, as just you saw a different and more tender part on Yoongi you could’t get enough. His kisses, his touches and his embrace were in another level. Suddenly you felt out of breath, you didn’t want to continue as your legs felt weak against the building. You needed to see Jimin cause no mater what, he always made you feel better. ___ Your apartment felt cold. Very distant as if all of these was an illusion. And then, you heard him: moaning You panicked, if Jimin was cheating on you, you didn’t have any right to confront him. In that same bed, the one you shared nights full of love with him. There he was, making sweet love to another girl who wasn’t you. “Jimin...” Your voice made him turn around and then he knew perfectly the mistake he had done, or may be not? The girl was beautiful and she made no doubt that she could get any man she wanted, she made you wonder if you were right to be with Jimin in the first place. She quickly picked up her clothes, got dress and left the apartment, leaving you and Jimin a disturbing moment of peace. “Now you know how it feels?”- Jimin looked at you with eyes full of pain. In that moment you began crying, you could’t control it. Jimin stood up and went near your, only wearing shorts and his face could tell all of what he has being through. “are you happy now?, do you like to see me in pain?”-Jimin was on the verge of losing it. “No! Jimin... I don’t know.. its just.. who told you?”- You asked desperately, no waiting of letting go of Jimin. “who else that our own boss! He send me a picture of you and him sleeping next to each other last night! How was I supposed to react?! I loved you so fucking much! I also need love, so I went to look for it and found one better than you!”- Jimin said and you could see all of his anger being slash out to you. “Yo have no right! Why didn’t you just wait for me to talk about this?”- You also entered the game and you weren’t backing out. “and what? wait for him to be done making love to you?!”- Jimin paused for a moment. he looked at the ground and then back to you, direct in your eyes and you saw how destroy he was. “If you weren’t happy with me, why didn’t you just tell me?”-Jimin’s voice broke in every word, and you couldn’t take it. You went to hug him, both of you felled to the floor and he hugged you and cried as if that would be the last time he had the chance to do it. And you did the same. “Don’t ever think...never think that you don’t make me happy. You are my greatest happiness.”- You whispered in his ear. You knowing Jimin, and the gentle human being he is, you knew he would forgive you. But you will never forgive yourself. “Why did you do it? Tell me, so we can still fix us”- Jimin looked at your eyes ready for an answer. and now you knew the reason why Jimin cheated on you. So both of you both could be in the same terms. Not the best idea, but then again, it might have been the only solution. You were ready to talk, but you heard footsteps come closer to both of you and you turned around. “Sorry to interrupt but... the front door was open..”- and there he was: Jeon Jungkook “ But Mr. Park ,I think I can answer those questions...also because my older brothers came sooner than expected” To be continued... Does anyone want more?
YES I WANT MORE PLEASE. 😂 I've been waiting for this notification to appear. It's so hard to choose: my bias and my bias wrecker. In torn.
more please!!! shits about to go down!!!😊 you tell jimin everything, got it Jungkook?? this story is amazing!!👍 tag me in the next story!!!
OMG what's going go to happen next is jimin going to forgive? did she fall for suga ? I'm getting sooooo curious
a ahahahah nooooooooo this isn't good....
tag me please
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