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You look through your closet for a cute outfit. Not too flashy but at least flattering. You put on a "Wanted" printed T- Shirt with a denim collared vest. You put on black pre-cutted skinny jeans with orange rubber high ankle boots. To look cute, You added a few accerssories, You put on a few earrings plus bracelets and a neckalce with a cute black purse on your side. You heard a knock on the door. You walk over towards the door and open it to see Daehyun standing there with a boquet of flowers. You blush and smile as he hands you the boquet as he compliments you, "You look so gorgeous tonight~"
"Thank You Oppa~ You look very handsome as well." You compliment back. You felt butterflies in your stomache as you wrap your arm around his. He smiles as he looks into your eyes. You ask him cutely, "So, Where are we going?"
"You'll see. Close your eyes."
"Then how am I supposed to see?"
"I'll guide you." He says as he guides you away. You close your eyes as you felt tempted on where he was planning to take you.
After about 10 minutes of walking, He says, "Open your pretty eyes."
You open up to see a cute picnic dinner lying underneath the moolight. You smile as you hug him, "Aw Oppa~ You didn't have too do this for me..."
"I wanted too. A special evening for a really special girl..." He says.
You sit down as he sits besides you. He wraps his arm around you as he starts to feed you grapes. You lay (EXO!) your head onto his strong thighs as grapes fall into your mouth slowly. You felt the moist from the grape slowly glide down from your lips to your neck. You giggle as you reflex from the touch of his soft finger sliding against your skin.
You sit up and fix your hair as his head falls onto your shoulder. You pet his head as he grumbles, "Hey Dreamboat~ Stop hurting me with cuteness..."
You giggle as you fed him a few grapes. He instantly chuckles underneath his breath as he tickles your side. You squirm around in laughter as your back falls onto the ground.
You felt his hand tickle your side and your neck.
"Daehyun~Your killing me!!!" You yelled hilariously.
He yells back, "You kill me with those cute, chubby, rose cheeks of yours! Your strong hips and thighs make me cry! Your beauty as well as your voice makes me fanboy in public!!"
You smile as he sits up. You stand up as you cover your stomach..
"Ugh~ I feel fat..." You grunted out loudly. He takes your hand and pulls you in closer.
"Wh-What are you..."
He silents you with his finger pressing against your lip. He whispers to you seductively,
"Don't talk...Just go with the flow..."
His lips press against yours so sudden. His hands make there way to your hands as his tongue play a few tricks. You pull back in shock as his forehead rests near yours. As his eyes were closed, You ask him, "What was that for?"
"You aren't fat...You're perfect... And don't think otherwise..."
You blush as he says, "Why don't we go for a walk?"
"But what about the picnic?"
"It'll be fine...Trust me...I have someone watching it for us..."
"Who?" You ask with concern..."Just a friend of mine..."
He brings your body into his as he walks you around the park...
I sit there on top of the tree as I eye down on the food. I felt sudden anger rise in my stomach. I felt sick, As if I was gonna throw up my lunch. I block out nature by closing my eyes and think of Keilani. Ugh She is beautiful...But sometimes can get suspicious at times...I hear a sudden snap fall upon me. I open my eyes quickly only to fall onto the ground, Hard...
I grunt out my pain as I stood up. I couldn't feel my legs at first but I shrug it off. I hear some rumbling sounds from behind. As my legs start to worn out, I limp my way towards a bench.
I sit down on the bench as I gasp for air. I look up at the blue starlight sky. I looked at all of the beautiful stars. I see the Moon just chilling by a gusty grey cloud. I smile to the thought of cuddling with someone under the stars. I thought it would be a nice and fuzzy experience...
I look at her pure face to see her looking up at the stars. She says, "Aren't the stars so amazing? How they shine in the human eye."
"Like you..."
I see her look at me with a smile. I laugh as I cover my face. She laughs along as I immediately apologize, "I'm Sorry. That was too cheesy."
"No No, I thought it was really cute." She says. I felt my face getter hotter and hotter every minute. I couldn't help myself but die in embarrassment. Everytime her eyes met mine, My heart skipped a beat. She yawns cutely as she rests her head on my weak shoulder. I felt butterflies as she snuggles onto me. I pet her head as I ask her, "Sleepy?"
"Yes oppa.."
I pick her up and sit her on my lap. I stand up as I pick her up bridal style. I felt her head bury into my chest as I walk her home in my arms. She fell asleep so soundingly as she smiles. I blush until I heard someone say, "Yah!"
I look over my shoulder to see Yongguk Hyung running out of breath. He falls to his knees as he asks me breathingly, "Wh-What happen-t- to (Y/N)?"
"Don't worry. She was tired and she fell asleep."
He looks at me with wonder in his eyes, "Need help? I can take her home."
"No Thanks, I can take her home myself. But thanks for the offer."
You wake up in your bed as you look up at the ceiling. You roll over to check the time. It says,

7:30 am

You jump out of bed and go put some clothes on. You felt too lazy to put yourself together so you just threw on a black dress with the words 'BAMBAM' in white.
You fix your hair as you grab your backpack and run outside to see Yongguk and Keilani standing there laughing their butts off. You grin at them as you ask, "What's so funny?"
"Oh...I set your alarm clock to 7:30 to see how fast you can get up and ready. My plan worked!"
You gave her a evil smirk as Yongguk wraps his arm around you,
"It's okay (Y/N), You still look beautiful as ever."
You blush as you stare at the ground. He sure knows all of your weaknesses alright. You walk next to Yongguk with pride, Thinking that he might accidently bump into your side or something. But, Keilani ruined your happiness because she moved him on her right, Away from you.
You arrived to school with anticiptation as you walk over to your locker. You open it to see something fell out. You pick it up with a smile across your face. It was a polaroid photo of you sleeping next to Daehyun. You blush as you felt something around your waist. You look up to see Daehyun. He kisses your cheek and lets go of you.
He takes your hand as he runs you towards the center of the campus. You chuckled as you ask him, "What's happening?"
You look around to see that you were in the middle of a circle full of boys. You smile as you look in front of you. Daehyun walks towards you as he holds a big poster. He opens it reading, "Open all ears and listen closely."
You look around to see that you have been out in the middle. Surrounded by a bunch of boys, Daehyun walks in as all the boys harmonize together to sing out,
"Will you be my girlfriend?"
You start to tear up as Daehyun asks, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
You nod a big yes as you squel, "Yes! Of course I will!"
He hugs you in relief as he giggles underneath his breath. He pulls you back as you lean in for a kiss. His eyes widen to your sudden actions but his face relaxens as his arms wrap around your waist. You pull back as he says, "I'm so happy to call you mine. I have been waiting forever to get the guts to ask you that question."
"I'm glad you did. I thought you probably liked someone else."
" I like you (Y/N), Your smart, Your loyal, Your grateful, I appreciate that."
You laugh as he hugs you. "Well, I'll see you at lunch, Gir-Girlfriend."
I hoped you all liked part 5!!!! Sorry if this was short...
I busted out laughing at the " I like you (Y/N), Your smart, Your loyal, Your grateful, I appreciate that." part. I thought of BTS. still loved it though
Well Yungguk there goes your chance πŸ˜‚
you're killing me with this, this is so cute I love it 😍😍😍 but I'm getting scared that there's going to be I ready big twist and I feel like my feels will be all over the place I like I can feel it but I'm getting excited about maybe it's just me and the story doesn't have a big twist and I'm just getting ahead of my self lol but anyways I love it and can't wait for the next chapter πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šβ€πŸ’—
Man I've been reading these Youngguk stories and their so good!! @MrsJungHoseok I luv all your fan fictions plz tag me!
Haha oh so juicy and good!!!
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