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Sometimes we see things and wonder why and how. People never keep surprising us! Without people, we would not have a Wait... What! So it's Monday, let's take a look at "You only had one job" with people having a bad case of the Mondays.
Okay, Video guy.. Passive aggressive or you did not know how to explain, car chase.
Lol, people need directions to not run into each other?!
Wait... You are seriously going to sell something that has the word spelled wrong btw you only had one job.
That's just not the right move!
What's a "Frie"?
What they hell happened here? Lol! Explain?
I love New York... No lol

Happy Monday!

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lol the stairs one makes you do the opposite of it's purpose
@LAVONYORK today's society at its finest 😏
y'all realize the sign about not bumping into each other on the stairs is wrong right??? it should say say to the right thing up and down. think about it...
lol I guess back to cuilinary school?
the stairs one would make them run into,eachother lol they need to stay on the right side no matter what xD
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