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5 Reasons Why @JimTurpen is Weird

Who says I'm weird? @2Distracted has a hunch I might be, and who am I do disappoint? Here are 5 things about me that aren't weird (because I'm as normal as they get), but might not be status quo.
I'm a Mailman. Not too weird, right?
I like octopuses who dress like gentlemen. Suit up!
I have a beard and when I go to shave it off I like to try weird styles just to see how it looks. But everyone and my mother does that.
I once posed with Beetle Bailey. Thats, pretty weird, I guess. He would not, btw, share his beer. Jerk.
And finally, I wear short shorts when I run. I don't think that's too weird, but the rednecks who yell at me don't seem to like it. Now I'm suppose to tag five fun, wonderful people who will spill their guts about their unusual side. Tag, you're it @shannonl5 @LadyLuna @BelleofRay @SamTheMallow aaaand... @ThePervySage
haha I wish I was confident enough to wear short shorts when I run. One day!
@JimTurpen you're cute mailman!
@LadyLuna I'm looking forward to it @shannonl5 just get a pair of knee length shorts and cut an inch off before every run, and stop cutting when they're short shorts. Just ease into it.
I'm gonna try to make my card tomorrow!
Pretty weirdly awesome!
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