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Hello all, last week I decided to take @alywoah up on her challenge to make March better! My goals? Pretty simple:
1. Yoga workout 4 times a week!
2. Drink 3 16-oz bottles of water a day!
3. Meditate!!
So far: I've reached my goal for water! But I missed one day this week of yoga. Here are some challenges I'm facing---

Challenges: Weekends, Weather, and Change in Routine.

Weekend fun: I started off doing really well for my weekly goals, and then the weekend came around. The weekend was jam-packed with fun activities (going to a museum, going out with friends) so I feel like I got my exercise. BUT I planned on doing my last yoga practice on Sunday, woke up exhausted and didn't do it! :/
Bad Weather: Ok so yoga is a typical indoor activity, so I really shouldn't have an excuse. BUT when it rains, like it did this weekend, ALL weekend, I became as droopy as the weather. My joints felt weird and I felt no motivation at all.
Change in Routine: I've been pretty solid about using my lunch break to meditate and take a walk. It's part of my routine and it keeps me happy throughout the day. Except, when a coworker asks to get lunch! I can't resist! Then I forget all about my little routine, and don't do it later on. Must. Figure. This. Out.

Any ideas on how can motivate myself to get past these challenges?

(of course besides the fact I need to just woman-up and do it.)
hmmm..... maybe try to see if you can make how you feel about the rain more positive? it's mother nature trying to replenish the earth. and if you miss your walk at work, if you use a copier or anything, bounce on your toes, it will stretch your legs out and depending on how fast you do it, it may raise your heart beat too, cardio! lol
About "breaking" lunch time meditation, sometimes it's okay to do that once or twice a week. I do the same, the one meditation time I don't break as much as I can help it, is my night time one. For me it's very important to do that in clearing my energy from whatever I've absorbed during the day.
I'm still working on my daily water intake, I just don't like going to "potty" a lot. Lol... I still do my meditations, I've missed yoga yesterday and today. I'll keep on working this, and I will!
You're doing great though! 6 out of 7 days is still on track. Don't get too hard on yourself for skipping a day. Plus, if your body isn't used to the daily activity, it's good to take a rest day so your body can recover and your next week will be just as beneficial and not wear you down to where you lose motivation.
If it gets dreary outside, I try to brighten up the inside with more lighting and citrus candles. Citrus fragrances trigger chemical changes in your brain that boost your energy and improve your mood.