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Anime worth giving a shot
Well my Harem senses went off definately and couldnt help but think of Kurumi as waifu and tohka oh my glob this anime got me hooked pretty quick I could go on but id just be a new otaku that would be annoyibg so ill leave you with a treat of Waifu
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just started watching this show and its Awsome
2 years ago·Reply
Karumi, you look in fricken credible in that. well said shido, well said. and guys, there's totes a second season. I'm almost done with the first. its, well it's got me all engrossed lol
2 years ago·Reply
@SAMURXAI ik I'm waiting for the third
2 years ago·Reply
Oh I got ya. that will be quite the wait lol I'm watching the second now. I like it, it'd cute. I just don't like the fabricated multiple relationships that are all hinged on some reason why the MC can't or won't choose one girl. it's not fair to all the other girls or the Mc for that matter. I ship shido x tohka, all the rest need to just quit!! lol
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