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Worries Over Glass Shards Has Corona Recalling Select Bottles Of Corona Extra
Very few things gross me out as much as finding something floating in my drink.
Floating particles in a drink in a restaurant really tell you a lot about a place. You can imagine how much my heart broke this weekend when I found out that my favorite beer conducted a voluntary recall over “small particles of glass” floating around in the products.
“We’re initiating an immediate voluntary recall of Corona Extra 12-packs and 18-packs with deposit labels in the U.S. that may contain small particles of glass. This recall is very limited in scope, as potentially affected bottles represent less than one-tenth of one percent of Corona Extra 12-ounce clear bottles in the marketplace (we estimate this to be approximately 1 in every 5,000 bottles). While the number of potentially impacted bottles is relatively small, we’re initiating this recall as a precaution to ensure the safety of consumers.”
Thankfully no customers have gotten hurt by drinking the recalled products by mistake.
This really adds a lot of value to the term "drink responsibly," doesn't it?