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Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help you prep for your upcoming drafts!
For some odd reason, critics continue to sweep the success of the Royals under the rug. Yeah, they may not have that marquee guy, but they play well together.
In fantasy baseball, that often bodes very well. Playing on a solid team puts you in position to make a lot of plays.
So why is Lorenzo Cain so low on everyone's draft boards?
In 2015, Cain posted a solid stat line of 307 avg, 16 HR and 72 RBI with 28 Stolen bases. He also scored a whopping 101 runs.
In the fantasy baseball world, those are SUPERSTAR numbers. That's a complete season. So why does ESPN have him ranked 47 overall?
Many people say the Royals can't continue their solid play. I say why not? They didn't lose anyone too significant. They run the bases hard and make great baseball plays. They bunt when needed and apply pressure. Cain is often the guy who benefits from those plays, so why pass on him?
I think Cain is a top 30 talent. At 29 years old, he's in his prime. Nab him and enjoy the big numbers this year.

What do you think? Should GMs nab or pass on Lorenzo Cain? Is he a top 25 talent this year?

Not sure about top 25 but yeah a solid player for sure.
People should not overlook the Royals. They might not be as solid as last season and they def have a problem with their depth, but when the whole team comes together, they have something special going on there
I would def take him!