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Hiyaaaa Nakama!!! I wanted to respond to @InVinsybll Manga Monday card and share my favorite manga art!! What I really love about Bakuman is that the Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata made a story about this manga artist and writer making it in the manga & anime business! I love that perspective 'behind the scenes'. I love Obata's work and where they take the story!

I loved how much creativity and imagination in the manga! I love the artwork and the fact that they created all these stories that these prospective and rising mangakas made!! Like the Detective Trap!! They put so much detail into these stories and the art and it's just soooo beautiful!!

What did you guys like about Bakuman? if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it XD

It is so awesome... its a manga... abou making manga... I shouldn't love it this much! I own all 20 volumes.
@Danse completely agree!!! And man if those manga were real I would totally read them!! And honestly I really found all of the works behind the scenes as refreshing and honestly very enlightening and soooo cool!!!
I simply LOVE the style of Bakuman! You are 100% right on that. The creativity factor was really outstanding, but not SO much that you're overwhelmed. I can really feel there is some major freestyle thinking in these works and I don't feel I could get tired of reading it or watching. I've always been so jealous of people who had any real sort of talent for drawing. If I could do that sort of thing for a living, even if I didn't make crap for money- I'd be in heaven. T_T