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Hey guys! Back with some fantasy baseball updates to help people prepare for their upcoming drafts.
Over the past five years, there hasn't been much to celebrate for if you are a Miami Marlins fan. One of the lone bright spots in the lineup is young pitching wizard Jose Fernandez.
The talented whiz-kid was dominating the league before he had to have tommy john surgery two years ago. Last year, he returned late in the season and played well. So where should we rank him?
During his last full season, Jose Fernandez posted a solid statline of 12-6, 187k and 2.19 ERA.
Miami may have gotten better since then from a talent perspective. They can score a couple more runs, and should be a bit more productive this year. It's not far-fetched to think he can regain that form, or better. He's only 23 so there is a lot of room to grow.
Fernandez has a bevy of solid pitches and is fearless. While I'm not going to say the Marlins will make the playoffs, the addition of JF will make them a lot better. ESPN has him ranked 17th. I would take him over Sonny Gray, Jake Archer and Corey Kluber.

Is Jose Fernandez set to be an elite pitcher in fantasy baseball in 2016?

He's definitely something. But I just wanna see him for another full season before I make any major investment in terms of fantasy baseball.
Hahahahaha but he's gonna be the face of the MLB soon either this season or next
But then he plays for the Marlins.