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While it might be significantly less in Kpop than in typical American pop, alcohol is a constant presence in K-entertainment.

I have no problem with people drinking to have fun - that's fine! But in Kdramas or Kpop, people are often shown drinking in two situations:

1. When they're angry/sad

2. When they need confidence

And then they often drink until they are so drunk that they can't walk, stay awake, or speak. Which is often a warning sign for alcohol poisoning.
To make matters WORSE. In K-dramas it is often when one of the characters is drunk that a kiss scene happens. You're Beautiful for example. The girl is so drunk that she falls on the boy and accidentally kisses him. From that point on they start to fall in love.
This makes it seem okay to make advances on drunk or sleeping people - which it is NOT.
Seeing behaviour like this over and over again in media can make your brain automatically think "I'm sad - I need to drink" or "My crush is drunk, perfect time to make a move and hope he forgets"

It seems like I'm being dramatic (and sure, I am!) but it DOES have an effect on us subconsciously!

I'm not trying to be a grandma and say "get that alcohol off the television, kids might see it!" No, no.

I'm just saying the way it is shown in media is encouraging people to drink when they are depressed or vulnerable which is exactly when you SHOULDN'T drink.

Another thing:

In America, drinking culture tends to use "sexy" women to advertise but in Korea (yes, they still use "sexier women but...) advertisements also tend to use very young "innocent" idols.

Take IU for example.

She's know as the "little sister" of Kpop and yet one of her biggest endorsements is soju. Because its cute to get young innocent girls drunk.

Am I the only one who has noticed this in Korean entertainment?

I know its an issue in the US too, but considering how big the drinking culture in Korea is, I think its important to talk about!
There's definitely a huge drinking culture in Korea. Soju is everywhere and there are so many drinking games. SoMaek (a mixture of soju and maekju- beer) is horrible for you. It's a mixture of two hard to mix substances and if not done correctly is extremely damaging, not that if it's mixed thoroughly alcohol is good to drink but it's just worse. I'm really glad you pointed this out as a reminder that DRAMAS ARE DRAMAS no matter how realistic they get, it's all scripted.
alcohol is a huge part of korean daily life. its very common for company's to go out during the work week, get totally, wasted and show up the next morning ready to work. in fact S. Koreans are pretty well known for being great drinkers. and it can be considered rude not to drink. So basically everything shown in Kdramas is like a preview of the social norms.
I've noticed this a lot too! I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw it
People take alcohol to lightly, they use alcohol in kdramas in funny ways but sometimes it gets out of hand. I understand how alcohol can change a person... this is a very controversial topic and can be widely talked about.
I agree...I think alcohol and the times it's used is something that needs to be looked at. There are great ways to handle your problems and drinking until you get alcohol poisoning is not one of them.
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