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While it might be significantly less in Kpop than in typical American pop, alcohol is a constant presence in K-entertainment.

I have no problem with people drinking to have fun - that's fine! But in Kdramas or Kpop, people are often shown drinking in two situations:

1. When they're angry/sad

2. When they need confidence

And then they often drink until they are so drunk that they can't walk, stay awake, or speak. Which is often a warning sign for alcohol poisoning.
To make matters WORSE. In K-dramas it is often when one of the characters is drunk that a kiss scene happens. You're Beautiful for example. The girl is so drunk that she falls on the boy and accidentally kisses him. From that point on they start to fall in love.
This makes it seem okay to make advances on drunk or sleeping people - which it is NOT.
Seeing behaviour like this over and over again in media can make your brain automatically think "I'm sad - I need to drink" or "My crush is drunk, perfect time to make a move and hope he forgets"

It seems like I'm being dramatic (and sure, I am!) but it DOES have an effect on us subconsciously!

I'm not trying to be a grandma and say "get that alcohol off the television, kids might see it!" No, no.

I'm just saying the way it is shown in media is encouraging people to drink when they are depressed or vulnerable which is exactly when you SHOULDN'T drink.

Another thing:

In America, drinking culture tends to use "sexy" women to advertise but in Korea (yes, they still use "sexier women but...) advertisements also tend to use very young "innocent" idols.

Take IU for example.

She's know as the "little sister" of Kpop and yet one of her biggest endorsements is soju. Because its cute to get young innocent girls drunk.

Am I the only one who has noticed this in Korean entertainment?

I know its an issue in the US too, but considering how big the drinking culture in Korea is, I think its important to talk about!
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My goodness I can't really drink alcohol, but seriously it's in every single drama or tv show I watch, it's insane.
every time I see in dramas or it's mentioned in different shows, it shows that people end up humilating themselfes, and still the next day everyones acts like nothing has happend! I don't understand how is that even possible?! I remember in one of the episodes of "star king" with YG family they talked about (if I'm not mistaken) "Gummy" getting drunk in a company night out or something like that and they made it seem like it's nothing; although she mentioned she was embarrassed and couldn't remember any thing! *just thinking about the aftermaths of it in real life!* or like in drama "The Producers" it shows how out of hand it can get! or in "A Look At Myself" there was a episode with GOT7's Jackson and Twice's Tzuyu, that they went to china town, at a restaurant Jackson ordered something non alcoholic for Tzuyu, and one of the older guys gets mad at him, thinkig he ordered non alcoholic drink for everyone! Is it that important? to me that seemed as if he thought people will think less of him if he didn't drink alcohol! They say they have to keep their manners and everything, but they end up going against their ethics and all! *sorry it got too long!😅 although, there's still much to talk about this matter, but I end it up here!!!😅* Tnx for bringing up this great subject!😘 @kpopandkimchi
Hunya did it too. to point were she asked out and vomited in her latest album. I certainly don't agree with that image. I didn't think it was cute at all. not even sexy. how is getting drunk and vomiting even slightly appealing?
@ariana2k I saw that episode of "A look at me" it was very sweet and cute of Jackson to do that. he was acting like a big brother! they also did the same thing in the drama Emergency Couple in the first episode. the hospital director went out to drink while the main character tried to sell her medicines. simple enough to say, it got out of hand.
I seriously hate the fact that Koreans drink so much they die! I do not want to be near friends who want me to drink because, honestly, I don't want to drink, I don't want to be drunk, and I most certainly do not want to die! If I did want a drink, I would pour it myself, I don't need anyone to pour it for me, I don't care if Koreans look at me in a rude way, that's just me! I'm not changing anything!