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Dear, Diary
It is now 2077. I have yet to hunt a human for it’s blood. The guys and I have become close. Namjoon and I are now dating. We have dated ever since 2016. It has been 61 years. He and I are each other's first love and we will last for all eternity. Sadly, Vampires wait 100 years to get married. He is so perfect. I love everything about him. From his deep sexy voice to his dimples when he smiles. Not to mention his musician skills. He has wrote and performed many songs for me. Yoongi, Jimin, Jin, Hoseok, Jungkook, and Taehyung helped him out. They sang a song with Namjoon. It was how Namjoon officially asked me out. The song was called Just One Day They need to make a boy band together. If I wasn’t dead I know my heart would have beaten rapidly.
I close my diary and hide it as someone walks in. It is Jimin.
“Ya, Nira!” Jimin yells.
“What is there something wrong?” I ask worriedly.
“Namjoon wants you in his room at this very moment.” Jimin says smiling.
“Okay, thanks Jimin!” I say while kissing his cheek.Jimin blushes while holding his face.
I enter Namjoon’s room. It is a prince’s room alright.
The bed was huge and the frame was pure gold. He has a huge chandelier dangling from his ceiling. He even has a throne sitting upon a rows of steps. His room is huge. He even has a walk in closet and everything. This is the first time I’ve ever been in his room and we have lived together 61 years. Namjoon is reading a book. He looks up and spots me. He smiles warmly.
“Hello, my lovely Princess. I see Jimin delivered my message. I called you in here to tell you that this is your room now too. You may also start hunting tonight. I believe 61 long years is enough to punish you.” Namjoon says.
I run over to Namjoon and kiss him passionately. He kisses back harder and holds me with his strong arms. It is the best feeling in the world.
“Thank you my love for letting me finally hunt.” I say while smiling widely.
Yoongi barges in.
“Pardon me my lord but the Werewolves are on their way here.” Yoongi says out of breath.
“They dare try to overthrow me those damn 7 werewolves why do they GOT7 in their pack. They are so annoying. I haven’t heard or seen them for over 100 years. Why do they appear now.” Namjoon says angrily.
“Wait who are they?” I ask.
“They’re my arch nemesis. We became enemies way before you were born baby. There are 7 of them. The leader is JB. The right hand werewolf is Jr. The rest of the pack is Mark, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom and Youngjae. They are very troublesome to us Vampires. They try to kill us every chance they get.” Namjoon explains.
I actually start to feel terrified. I haven’t heard of these Werewolf creatures ever in my life.
We all go into the living room.
“Namjoon do you want me to keep the princess safe?” Jin asks.
“Yes I wish you would.” Namjoon says nervously.
“Come with me princess.” Jin says
I nod and take his hand. He takes me to the end of the castle. He opens a wooden door in the ground. I look down there is a spiral staircase he leads me down it. The area is lit with torches. We arrive in a library.
“You’ll be safe here. I will protect you.” Jin says assuredly.
I nod and grab a book to read while this all unfolds.
*Namjoon’s Prospective*
The front doors fall to the floor. It was the 7 werewolves.
“Hey, Namjoonie it’s been a long time..”
“JB!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!???” Namjoon yells.
“I’m here for the girl.” JB says smirking.
“ We won’t let you take her.” Jungkook says angrily.
JB smirks and says,
“We’ll see about that.”
*Narrator’s Perspective*
They all line up ready to face off towards each other. Will this be the battle to end all battles between Werewolves and Vampires or could there be a twist?
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Oooh is there more to this???
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@SarahVanDorn not yet still coming up with ideas
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Tag me please! This sounds really good so far!
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@MrsBangYongguk ok tag me when and if you continue it
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