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I have no idea what to say about myself besides the fact that I'm only 5'1 shorter than all my friends who are like model height. um I'm extremely goofy and like very spontaneous. I'm kinda quite and my facial expression likes to be emotionlessly but trust me I have emotions! I smile a lot when I'm with my friends but other than that like if I'm in front of a camera I'm very like expressionless and people often mistake me for being bored and angry even though I could be extremely happy or excited. I'm just really shy unless I'm close with someone. and I love to just be my self. Although I'm kinda self conscious on my looks I still have confidence in myself sometimes! I like my eye bags even though a lot of people hate them! since I am in America and Americans are really judgy! I smile when I take selcas a lot but i angle the camera to make me seem taller ;-; I like to be myself and be goofy so yeah. tell me who you ship me with! :)) (the last pic is kinda blurry have I liked the picture!)
haha I am sleepy often it would work out! 😁 thank you! @Badtz
You're so pretty! And your outfit! Omg 😍😱
since I only know BTS well, my gut would say Suga! β€’3β€’
thank you! @jerlynmunji