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HI THERE!!!! I took this as things that people have called me weird for. Lol. For example: liking the above picture.
Tacos. Need I say more? The main staple of my "diet" is tacos. I pretty much act like Gir when it comes to tacos, although I can't put away as many as he does. I've been called weird because of my severe affinity for tacos. lol
I have a ridiculous fear of toilets. I think I was probably killed by one in a previous life. So I could never go into the Ministry like this. I rather take my chances with being burned alive in the Floo Network than do this. I've been called weird because if it doesnt "look right", I wont use it, even if they are squeaky clean. Nope, can't do it. I'll hold it til I get home. lol.
I have a serious thing for teeth. I think that is one reason why I like Venom so much? He has a killer set of teeth, in the cartoon version, the older one that came out in the 90's. Not to mention Naruto's teeth when he does his Fox thing. I know it's an anime, but he has a nice set of sharp, pearly whites. Vampire teeth obviously too. But ONLY if they are the CANINES. The other types just look weird to me. Doesnt make sense but if the vampire teeth are in the wrong spot, like Trueblood, it just kills it for me. lol.
T-Rex!!!!! I love everything T-Rex!! I would pull a John Hammond if I could get me a T-Rex. The King or Queen. Even with their tiny arms. There is just something about them, I'm not sure what it is. But I want one. Pretty badly. lol
Villains!!!!!! I have an unatural affinity for villains!!!! I didnt care what they did, if they piqued my interest, then I automatically rooted for them. And booed the Good Guys when they won. Hannibal Lector is one of my absolute favorites. Yeeeeaah, he eats people, but you cannot ignore the fact that he is amazingly smart yet terrifyingly attractive at the same time. Must be the voice. lol Not to mention the classic villains. Who doesnt love those? I'm weird for wanting them to win, despite their evil killing ways, oh well. Haha. Not to mention the infamous Regina Mills. This may sound shallow, and believe me, I'm not by any means, but if villains all looked like her, you really think they'd lose so much? Nope. I'd hand my heart right over to her. If she crushed it, oh well. I atleast got to see the epicness of The Evil Queen. If Hannibal wants to eat my liver with Fava beans? Go ahead. Just tell me some kind intellectual tidbit of myself and let me go in peace (pieces). Hahaha! Must be the dark side coming out a lil bit.
i dont think ur weird.
@midnightskieslo, really?! no way!!!!
My god my twin! lol 😂😍😂
@LadyLuna, hahahahah!!!!! love you too!!! You knew I couldnt resist putting that on there. There's some weird -phobia word for it too. haha!
All very true!! That toilet thing got me!! lmao it's so true and weird!! love u tho!
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