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How well do you know the man behind Cas..

Okay SPN family, I am going to spit out facts. Now it's up to you figure out which one!

1. Current Guinness World Record Holder for organizing the world's largest international photo scavenger hunt (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) in November 2011 2. Has 3 tattoos on his back that he got when he was in college. The tattoos are of an Sun, Moon and Plant Earth. 3. Has plans to play the Joke in the next Batman film.

Pick one for Misha

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it's 1 I saw a did you know pic on google about that
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Nice pun
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One? It seems very 'Misha'...
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I'm pretty sure 1 is still true, I did GISH two years ago and they said it in the email
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