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/Hello...Im Alice nice to meet you...this is my first screenshot game so plus like and comment for other screenshot,After I do screenshot I write a story for the people to read like roleplay/ OKAY LET'S GET STARTED!!!! P.S. THIS IS WHITE THEME!!!
Your best friend since childhood...
The one you said I Love You...
The one who loved you...
The one that smiled and helped you...
The one who stayed there for you
The one you stayed with...
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I'm dying.
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tag me plzz
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I got Jin first then SUGA FOR ALL THE REST LIKE WOOW 馃槅馃槅馃挊馃挊馃憣馃憣
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tag me please! 馃槉
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I remember playing a different one and I got jungkook for most except the cockblock and the I end up spending my life with. it was just sad honestly. this happened to be similar
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