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We always hear about the bad side of NFL, like Johnny Manziel and others, who has been creating a negative image for the entire league. But that’s not the case with Warrick Dunn, who was one of the most dominant running backs the game has seen.
The former running back set up his own charity called the Warrick Dunn Foundation which dedicates itself to bringing homes to single parent families.

The foundation has brought a total of 145 homes since 1997.

The motivation behind setting up his charity is even more touching.

Dunn said he dedicates each home in the memory of his mother. His mother, who was a single parent, served as a police officer. She however was killed on duty in 1993. And it was a dream of Dunn’s mother to own her own home someday, which she unfortunately never got to achieve.
Dunn and his charity provides single parent families with a down payment and a fully stocked pantry, fresh linens, television, and computers. The only thing they need? Their own clothes.

I am sure his mother is smiling as she watches her son from above. Thank you Warrick Dunn for everything!

This is a great story...what is even more amazing is that no one knew he was doing this because he never went public. They only found this out recently
Johnny Manziel needs to learn from him.