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Now, normally I'm not big into internet pranks but this is for SCIENCE!

And the results are actually pretty interesting!

Here's what Sy did in order to pick up some dating tricks from his fellow male online-daters.

1. Get a Makeover

2. Make a Profile

3. Wait

4. Be...Amazed

Skip to 1:05 in the video to see the responses he got!

I know a ton of people here have shared Tinder horror stories. Have you ever thought of seeing how the other half lives? :)

Ppl are ridiculous! ! how can they write that to a complete stranger!
I have the idea that there are a lot of people, men & women, who think of online dating sites as a game where they can be whoever & however they want just to see if it does anything. Kinda like having fun with it. Reminds me of when I was younger & how I would feel more courageous if I had a couple drinks b4 going to the club.
I've never gone so far as to make myself over. But I have done something like this. I made four bogus profiles. Three were as women, and I used pictures from all of the spam cam girl messages in my junk mail. A white girl, an asian girl (Who wasn't a spam pic but a pic of my friends wife and she was down with the experiment) and a black girl. Black girl didn't get a whole lot of love, and yes, I felt some type of way about that. White girl and asian girl, let's just say that it was a task keeping those inboxes empty. And for all three of them, they had messages before I even uploaded a picture. Messages were bland. There was nothing original about any messages my bogus ladies received. There were some some very overtly sexual ones. It's easy to see why a guy won't get a reply. You are in competition with everyone. Just because you don't get a reply back could be because women do get a whole lot of messages. There's a good chance that you just got overlooked. For my bogus male, I used pictures of a married friend who was down with the experiment. He didn't get as many messages as the women, but he got plenty more replies. Like a 90% response rate and I put like no effort at all in the messages. Some of my messages were straight up cat calling and not a single F/U.
lol women have been saying this for ages! Like 90% of the messages I've gotten on dating sites were either "hi" or something gross. Seems like a lot of hassle to go through just to find out something he could have got from google XD
okay..but seriously why is that woman are more popular than the men in there ?? is it because the guys are trying to get a piece of "that " and the woman well just click nope as soon as they saw ur face
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