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I am afraid, no terrified, of worms. This fear came about when I was little and had a tragic childhood experience. What are you afraid of?
@MerrileeBark I love the dark XD @shannonl5 ooh
Ok, I'll try =ω=
hey happened a couple years ago so im good alright ^-^ but im sorry to hear you dealing with that kinda pain..... but hey you got people here to talk to or people you know .. and if anyone says anything that hurts you dont take in that pain and dont try to get used to it that hurts even worst .... always find a better happyness in a everyday life alright ^-^
I'm sorry to hear that @JoseYzaguirre and it also sucks when someone says "go kill yourself" and you're sitting there like "I know, just get it over with" and I try to ignore the rude remarks everyone says and I try to help all my friends but then I take out all my pain on myself. But if rather feel pain than nothing at all. I hope you're doing better than me^_^
@LilianaZeferino same went with him ..... died after my 14 birthday party..... and ive talk to him about it and all i did was try to stop him from the attempts.... but he sucecced that one day tho.....
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