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Sometimes you meet that one person in the world, that actually meshes with you and begin to grow a world together. I have been fortunate to have a love stand by side through all the changes I was went through and will continue to go through. So, this month.. We think is our 10 year anniversary. We also have a few other month too. For all we know it was in December of last year. With us, we really did not measure our relationship by time. We measure by how we felt.. And feelings are going and they are strong. With that being said, I'm putting up one of our love songs.. To share some of my happiness with the Vingle community.
When I'm crying You're my handkerchief It feels like I'm dying You raise me up with just one kiss Baby you're the star When I'm lost that guides my way At time when I'm losing my mind You make everything OK That's why I, I love you I love you
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I love this! Measured by feeling, not time. Such a great way to look at relationships.