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Todays fight card
Hiei From Yu Yu Hakasho
Feitan From HunterxHunter
The Battle of the badasses
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And without further ado
Hiei curbstomps faster than he can says DOTDF, even if this is EOS Feitan, not that it makes much difference, Hiei from the Dark Tournament is sufficent to destroy him. BOS Hiei is weaker than Feitan, but 4 saint beasts arc he is so strong.
@ProdByJewfy after images isn't that impressive, Hiei was doing it to Yusuke on their first encounter, but based on how Nobunaga was suprised by Gon and Killua's speed when they broke out of the room, since he couldn't track them with is eyes, he can't be that much faster as he talked to him like they were around the same level. So I'll give him maybe 3 times faster, since speed seems to be his thing. Even then, Killua gets faster with Godspeed, but then he is still below mach 1... so with generous estimates, Feitan is mach 1. At the end of the srries, Yusuke has been measured to be, based on the shockwaves he formed... mach 150. And Hiei has always been faster than Yusuke, except for his awakening as a Mazoku. But regardless of what powerful moves Feitan may have...does Feitan have any defense against the DOTDF, which incinerated literal fire demons. Sure Feitan can take a lot of heat, but the DOTDF easily burn mountains. Feitan is just human... sure he has nen... but he still is human. Meruem could not destroy Earth if he tried, he could conquer it, but blowing it up... no. In YYH anyone above B+ class could easily... which is were Hiei is for most of the series. And if all else fails, he can absorb the Dragon, making him significantly more powerful and impervious to pain. Also did you hear Hunter X Hunter is coming back, Togashi is of his hiatus!
@adamdean honestly im not to fond of yyh characters power levels i havent watched that show since i was a kid like a long time ago lol.but HxH characters are suppper strong. like Youpi, meruem, Netero the chairman, the whole phantom troupe. idk this is a good one
Thats the problem, Hiei has alot of feats and history to look back at but feitan doesnt. All he has is his fight against zazan but that fight showcased alot. He was so fast that he was leaving after images (which was at the beginning.He wasnt even at full strength when he fought her, the girl with the vacuum said he was sluggish, and the guy that controls people with the needle said he wasnt at full strength. He got his arm broke and continued to fight. Then he got pissed and transformed and used that rising sun technique. He was walking right inside of it casually while zazan was burning to death, which says he can take enormous levels of heat somehow. He said and i quote "Youre done already ? The heat wasnt even that bad. you could've had a quicker death if you wouldnt of dealt me more damage." Which leads me to believe he might have another form or a crazier technique, or he just wasnt trying i dont know. Also we dont get to see what his speed is once he transformed.
@ProdByJewfy Okay...why? I out Feitan to be around C rank based his speed. Seiryu throw 100 punches before a human can blink, so I'm giving Feitan the same rank with generous estimation, since the best speed we've seen was when Killua what Godspeed, which based on the time he said it would take to get to the nearest town when he was taking Alluka, is less than Mach 1... even if Feitan is faster, he's still only C rank, and we saw what happened to Seiryu, and this was the second weakest version of Hiei. Tell me if I'm forgetting something. Admittedly Feitan doesn't have many feats so I might be totally misjudging him, but YYH characters as a whole, are far above the very human characters of HXH
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