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Okay, so @hikaymm tagged me in a card titled "My Makeup Routine", but since I don't use any, I changed the card a bit lol I hope that's okay, @amobigbang ! If not and you're currently reading this, then it is too late, too bad! MUAHAHAHAHA! No, kidding lol But I honestly hope it's understandable! It was pretty fun making this, considering it is 6 P. M. lol I even messed up my hair and put on my tired face, but believe me, it's 40 times worse when I actually wake up haha and one or two of these is me just messing around lol I have no idea what category(ies) to tag this in, so I'll just tag people at the end haha
First thing, look at self to see the damage of sleeping 2-4 hours a night for the 5th year in a row lol
After that, brush teeth. Very important. and yes, I use a Colgate toothbrush and Crest toothpaste. Very brand unloyal lol
Kind of brush hair using fingers, and then proceed to admire own manliness.
Brush hair and put it back so I can wash face without interference from the majority of it. Except for the baby hairs that don't give a heck about you or your pony tail.
Comb out the beard, mustache and eye brows. They're long enough and sometimes the hairs go crazy lmao So I at least try to train them.
Wash and dry face. Yes, I wipe dry instead of pat dry. Sue me lol
Let hair down and shake it out and try to take a selfie, but end up looking awkward and weird as hell because I don't practice my picture face XD aaaand, that's how I wake up lol Then I go to stat class and cry myself to work haha =(
I choose: @ButterflyBlu @alywoah @AlloBaber @danidee @nicolejb @marshalledgar @MichelleHolly @shannonl5 @RaquelArredondo @buddyesd @jordanhamilton @sophiamor I don't know if you guys have been tagged, but I tag you guys anyways ^.^
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@Arellano1052 I suppose it will depend on the person lol
2 years agoReply
@Arellano1052 Don't lie. I know you post up by the supplements like "Heyyyy, ladies.."
2 years agoReply
@danidee Nah haha The trick is you have to let them lead you to the supplements. All I do is ask them questions about themselves. Get them talking about their life and their goals and their likes and dislikes. Find out their favorite band, find out what restaurant or movie they've been wanting to go to. During all of this, you sneak in products until they're suddenly holding 3, 4, 5 products and their arms get tired, so as a gentleman, you take their products and place them by the register. Touch their arm/hands a little in the process. Act slightly shy about it and apologize. Then, you keep them talking. Find out what they're passionate about, until they talk nonstop for 20 minutes, look down at their phone because their friend or parent were waiting for them, but they never showed up because they were talking to you, and realize that it has been an hour and a half since they walked into the store. Now, they're completely comfortable with you, but they're in a rush, so they give you their number or add you on Facebook, sign up for the membership and Spend over $150, instead of their original plan of just "looking around". ;p It works with males too lol I just never tried accidentally rubbing their arm, or pointing out a small ingredient so they have to move closer to me to read it hahaha Maybe if I did that, I'd be promoted faster 馃槈馃槀
2 years agoReply
LOL I keep picturing more than half of your Facebook friends just being moms who do yoga who you convinced to buy $150+ worth of obscure root supplements.
2 years agoReply
@danidee Ah, one could only wistfully wish haha ;p The dream 馃槏馃槏馃槀
2 years agoReply