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So, I started dating a Korean guy recently and wanted to talk about it! And I wondered if anyone even cares? (This is super stereotypical and possible offensive, but I'm just saying what I've noticed in my boyfriend and how he fits and breaks the mold of what we all see, read, and know about Korean guys. If you find this upsetting, I'm so so sorry~~) Here’s some backstory, so let me know of I should share or nahh ^_^ Two months ago, I met the sweetest guy at an international event at my college campus. Within a month, he completely surprised me and asked me out. Next thing I know, we're a month into a relationship and it's crazy.
ALL the STEREOTYPES that you can think of are 100% WRONG...and 100% RIGHT at the same time. Sometimes it's like I'm living a Kdrama and sometimes it's like a fanfiction, and at other times, I'm completely bewildered by him and how we ever ended up together.
P.s. He only speaks level 2 out of 4 English and I speak what Korean I have learned in 2 years of Kpop and Kdramas.
@Isolate I've got your back if you ever are in this situation. Been here, doing this. @StephanieDuong THANK YOU~~ ^_^ I didn't plan on talking to him either. I was there to meet my Brazilian friend and boom. He was just there. @CreeTheOtaku Thank you 😄😄 @CheyenneJessee Thank you!! If only I actually knew Korean hahaha!
maybe he can help you like practice with him and you in turn help him with english
I am interested
I like the story you make good job I hope you make more.
@StefaniTre We've been practicing a lot! Hopefully, I'll get better!! 😄 @ESwee I was super nervous about telling him how obsessed I am with dramas and kpop, but when he asked how I knew some Korean and why I liked Korean stuff, I had to confess. He was pretty surprised (but hasn't seen me in full out fangirl mode), but he took it very well ("Daebak~ so cute!!"). He doesn't like kpop as much as he likes Western music (the opposite of my musical taste. LOL!!), but he's okay when I play kpop (and he loves when I sing along). We've even watched a drama together, and he laughs cuz the subs are wrong sometimes. My advice: just tell him in advance, he'll prob think it's cute.😁
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