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Found this adorable comic about video game lessons today. This will show all the parents who say video games are useless! XD

What have you learned from video games?

I've learned not to trust people when playing LoL. Like...never ever trust people when playing LoL. If they get a chance, the WILL go afk on you. #LoLStruggleNeverEnds
I took a course in video game and learning in college. it was an awesome class where my homework was to play video games and write about how video games can teach real world skills. Also the class was structured like an RPG where instead of traditional grades we gained experience and lvled up. And you unlock differ boss battles (projects) depending on which areas you gained exp in. I choose Assassin's Creed as my game for the class.
Video games actually taught me more efficient ways to problem solve, so in school I'm just like well I just need the skill. I look at problems from different perspectives because that's what video games have taught me. Also, to analyze everything because even the smallest things will be very important later on.
Is it me or do you feel that after playing games for many years you obtain other irl skills? I know this crazy but I'm talking about better hand eye cord? Or like you drop something and you save it with a quick move? Maybe I'm crazy....!(◎_◎;). Please tell me you guys experience this!!!!
@chongx that's exactly how my game design and development classes are structured...its also a valid major at UCCS
@petname83 Yes! Hand-eye coordination is on top of the list! I've played a ton of DDR on the controller, and Tetris Attack, and those both help tons! Definitely working together on some of the games. Playing on teams before mutiplayer meant being in separate houses. Stuff like Mario Kart Double Dash, Smash Bros, Mario Party... anything multiplayer. I would say memory, but mine is shot! Some people benefit from games that require memorizing. Maybe I just haven't played enough games like that, lately. Although, I could probably tell you anything about FF9 and FF10. I know exactly where everything is when I play through those 2 games.
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