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So this week I'm going to post 7 different leaders.
Monday Leader is......Bang Yongguk
Yongguk oppa to me is one of the best leaders. He cares for his members. 2014 they had a concert here in the states and I remember seeing a video of Yongguk oppa saying how much he appreciates each of the members. He even pointed out how Zelo does his best to help each one of the members. With him saying that he made Zelo cry. I can't find that video anywhere. However when I watched that video it showed me how much Oppa cares for each member.
Not only that but he cares a lot for others to. He is know for working with charity's to help children in need. Just look how happy he is with that little right there.
All the fans love his gummy smile, deep voice, his love for Tigger, and working on music for all of us babyz to enjoy.
There you have for Mondays first leader for this week. tagging @MrsBangYongguk
YES YOUNGGUK. He jsut so clearly loves his members so much,
yaassss my bias. he's so sweet and sophisticated
My bias from B.A.P
@Choijiah lol hehehehehe
@MrsBangYongguk I know I was looking up videos with him talking and I was melting
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