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Hey guys once again I'm looking anyone who's in NYC who would love to start a kpop dance group. like, comment!!!!
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I want this but I'm in Michigan
sorry, I want to but I'm from hawaii. there already a bunch of kpop dance organizations here though. they go around and do random kpop flash movs.
thanks guys @LysetteMartinez @CuteBabyLay @vipgirl5 who you guys find people in your town. hey guys follow my channel please it's called kpop, a little bit of everything and my life 사랑해요
hawaii has a big kpop community. I think that's the only reason. and the have a Facebook page that promotes a lot of stuff. maybe cause also korean festival. they get themselves out there so people will know who they are.
@vipgirl5 that's cool