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Vixx Screenshot Game Results!!

OK so this was pretty freaky not gonna lie.... so let's get started
My boyfriend is Leo.. OK not bad. not getting the freaky part I know... Just wait till the end
my best friend is again Leo... still not bad
the one who loves me is Ken... OK now it's starting to get freaky
the one who tries to steal me is Leo... OK still freaky. I know you're all asking why.. Just wait a little longer
the one who confesses Ravi... that was random lol
the one I end up with is Ken
OK so I bet all of you are dying to know why this was freaky for me. well for all of you who don't know my story behind my bias I will tell you now. When I first came into the fandom my bias was Leo. we were happy and became close for 3 weeks. he was my best friend. well someone on the outskirts of my vision was loving me and I was blonde not realizing it at first. that man happens to be Ken. well Leo didn't and doesn't like that I fell for Ken so he constantly tries to steal me away. IDK why Ravi happened to be in my story... really random. but no matter how much Leo tries to steal me away the harder I fall for Ken. so Ken is and will be my ultimate bias from now on. I really liked this screenshot game though it came out creepy. tagging the girl in charge @JiyongLeo tagging the girl who created it @CuteBabyLay
I edited it :)
@kissofdeath316 Thank you, I definitely do not want to take the credit for her work!
OK I'll add her in there
@CuteBabyLay created this, all credit goes to her!!!
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