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Soo, two amazing things just happened....

Firstly, one of my best friends, @JincyAbraham, just joined Vingle. THAT'S RIGHT! I made her come over to the dark side!! XD So welcome her everyone!!!

And.... I just reached 200 followers!!!! LIKE WHAT?!?!

Therefore, I thought that I would post a challenge for you guys to pick which ones you would like me to answer or see me do and I will post a card about it (probably on Wednesday) for you guys! So, if you would like to write which numbers you would like to see me do below, that would be awesome! (I thought that this time, it is my turn to make a card about myself for all of you lovelies ~ )XD

Thank you all!! You all mean the world to me and I could not have been happier to share and fangirl about the kpop world with you all!! LOVE YOU VINGLE FAMILY!!

Tagging Thunder Buddies:
I put this in all my collections so all of you can see it! And if you were not mentioned or in my collections, just know that you still mean a lot to me! XD
@JincyAbraham Yo I'm Vinny The smut expert hahaha Just kidding only @jessicaacosta90 called me that lol and listen to @ElleHolley I struggle to not fall for exo I failed horribly NOW I'M IN LOVE WITH D.O KAI AND TAO (TAT).... p.s if your innocent keep away from my fanfic you'll need holy water afterwards
@JincyAbraham welcome down the rabbit hole...@Lexxcisco anything will be my answer as along as I get tagged
girl that 😧 ugh that man 😧😧😧😦 woooooo
@ElleHolley CHENYOEL IS CREEPING UP EOMMA HE CREEPING UP ON ME !!!! make him stop (TAT) I'm not ready *see sexy live performance of PlayBoy* I can't breathe!
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