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@hikaymm posted an amazing event I would call it coming up, actually just started for moderators and mod team members!! Let's keep the anime and manga going and get more moderators for all the anime and manga out there that have not team to support it!! To all NAKAMA!! We will triumph and we can make an this even more fun and enjoyable for all past present and future NAKAMA!!! Let's shoot for 200,000 for the anime community this year @invinsybll and the rest of the team. I'll pull my weight and I've told many to join and download and become part of the NAKAMA vingle family!! Let's all do this together!! This is our adventure so let's do this NAKAMA style!! Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!! NAKAMA 4 life!! Everyone!!!
This is the new age I am talking about!! @invinsybll !! Haha crazy but true!!
This may be an "ODD JOB" but it's the best job ever!! @danse let's spread these communities!!
let's do big things this quarter
lol!!! i'm not running the event but yes yes everyone should apply for the comms they think they'd be great at moderating :) so excited to do this togheter!!!
oh an dhere's the card where the application info is ^^
Woohoo! Ganbatte! >:)