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By the way for those who are wondering why Gajeel is saying you arrested its because in the manga he eventually works for the magic council after the fairy tail disband .
@JamieDavis omg your right XD his face in the last one you could tell he's imaging something for Levy
gajeel likes bondage. that's why he is obsessed with arresting everyone
Gajeel arrests everyone XD
For the first pic the version I read was funnier in my opinion. What Gajeel said: *Looks at Natsu * By the way, I hereby place you under arrest too, Salamander. For the crime of "looking menacing." *looks at Lucy* You too! For the crime of "showing off too much skin" *looks at Juvia* Juvia's under arrest for the crime of "being too moist" *looks at Happy* Your crime is "eating too fish." *looks at Wendy* And you... Uh.... Something about your existence is illegal... Or something. 馃槀馃槀 now the question is, Which is the correct translation?馃
plot twist
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