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Gajeel's funniest moment !
By the way for those who are wondering why Gajeel is saying you arrested its because in the manga he eventually works for the magic council after the fairy tail disband .
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plot twist
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@JamieDavis omg your right XD his face in the last one you could tell he's imaging something for Levy
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For the first pic the version I read was funnier in my opinion. What Gajeel said: *Looks at Natsu * By the way, I hereby place you under arrest too, Salamander. For the crime of "looking menacing." *looks at Lucy* You too! For the crime of "showing off too much skin" *looks at Juvia* Juvia's under arrest for the crime of "being too moist" *looks at Happy* Your crime is "eating too fish." *looks at Wendy* And you... Uh.... Something about your existence is illegal... Or something. 馃槀馃槀 now the question is, Which is the correct translation?馃
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@desireesowah143 I'm pretty sure mine is because it's directly from the manga app crunchy roll has 馃槣
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Spoiler alert if you haven't read the manga yet
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